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Customer requirements rarely fit with readily available software and hardware solutions. We at Bespoke IntelligenT Systems understand the need for low cost rapid prototyping and development, particularly for smaller companies, or those projects with limited funds.

Our in house software and hardware consultants have the necessary experience and expertise to tailor bespoke systems to our customers exacting needs.

Sometimes it is impossible to consider spending development time on projects that may not make a return on your development investment. To this end bespoke InTelligent systems can conduct feasibility studies in order to determine whether the development is possible with currently available technology and within both the monetary and time criteria specified.


Fault Code Reader

See our Products page for our Fault Code reader for the Lucas hotwire 14CUX ECU fitted to some variants of the Rover V8 engine.

Coming Soon:

A lo-cost PC-based mixed mode (2-channel analogue / 16 channel logic analyser) USB oscilloscope.

Mazda MX-5 / Eunos Roadster ignition retard unit for turbocharged engine management.