Bespoke IntelligenT Systems



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We offer to take the burden of the complete development cycle of bespoke systems at competitive rates. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business, thus alleviating the burden of cost overheads required to develop, deliver, and manage the project. This enables our customers to predict, reliably, timescales and costs, yielding affective budgeting and cash flow management.

If you have been thinking of hiring contractors to fulfil short term projects, you risk being left without assistance at the end of the development.

Our new service is committed to be available post delivery to both support and enhance the installed projects. Enhancement could include an enriched feature set, requirement adjustment, or the addition of options.

We offer rapid development and deployment. We can generate prototypes using Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques and tools in order to best determine your requirements by early demonstration. Once accepted, this will form part of the final solution. This flexibility allows our clients to refine their requirements early in the development process, thus avoiding costly retro-fits, a known disadvantage of late requirements deviation in the development cycle.